The HBOT Stats

Experimentation for HBOT Stats :

The study is based on 10 sessions. The hyperbaric chamber was kept at 1.3 ATA, where the subjects were exposed to treatment for one hour for each of the five consecutive days. The entire session lasted for two weeks.

Earlier SPECT scans result:

Earlier SPECT scans were compared with the scans taken after the hyperbaric treatments and an increased flow of both blood and oxygen were seen in the temporal lobe, thus replacing the brain’s dormant activities with significant amount of functioning tissues.


The effects of HBOT on Autistic children between 1 and 11 years of age brought 93.6% of success.


HBOT: How does it work?

HBOT forces oxygen to enter all bodily tissues including the dormant cerebral areas to bring them back into a fully functional state besides creating an optimally enhanced environment assisting the regeneration of the brain tissues.

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