What is Personalized Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? How Does It Help?

Using hyperbaric Chamber

There are numerous treatments designed to help people recover faster from various ailments, but Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is emerging as the most preferred solution because of its non-invasive nature. It was initially designed to help divers recover from decompression sickness, but its effectiveness made it acceptable for treating other health challenges.

For the uninitiated, HBOT is a therapy that facilitates breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Since all body cells, especially damaged cells, require adequate oxygen to heal and function optimally, this therapy works by supplying the needed oxygen to the affected area. If you plan to take this therapy but want to first learn more about it, read till the end.

What is Personalized Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe and well-established treatment for serious infections, wounds, and other health challenges. It requires patients to breathe extra pure oxygen inside a specialized chamber.

The chambers maintain higher than normal atmospheric pressure so patients can easily absorb pure oxygen, releasing it into the bloodstream. You may be recommended standard or personalized HBOT based on your specific health condition.

In the standard option, the HBOT chamber maintains a consistent atmospheric pressure ideal for multiple patients within the same health category. It requires patients to wear masks and spend around 30 minutes or more for effective results.

Since standard HBOT is designed keeping several patients in mind, you may not be the only patient seated in this chamber during therapy. But when you opt for personalized hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the chamber is adjusted to maintain atmospheric pressure and release a certain amount of oxygen based on your specific needs. Since the treatment is highly attuned to meet your individual needs, you may require fewer sessions for maximum efficiency.

Both standard and personalized HBOT are reliable treatment options, but personalized HBOT is recommended for faster healing and a more customized approach. If you’re considering this therapy to cure a particular health challenge or accelerate healing in a specific body area, personalized HBOT can give you better and faster results. However, you should only get HBOT from licensed medical facilities with trained staff and healthcare professionals to minimize any risk of prolonged side effects.

How Does Personalized HBOT Help?

HBOT helps overcome various health challenges; hence, doctors recommend it for treating skin grafts, gas gangrene, brain or sinus infections, anemia, arterial insufficiency, radiation injury, etc. While there are numerous ways in which HBOT helps improve patients’ overall health, it is especially beneficial in the following cases.


  • Wound Healing


Personalized HBOT plays a vital role in wound healing by increasing the oxygen content in blood, especially around areas with chronic wounds. The increased oxygen supply boosts cellular metabolism and improves energy production, and other cellular activities essential for healing.

Taking the prescribed sessions for personalized hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes new blood vessel formations that are responsible for better blood circulation throughout the body. It ensures your body gets the essential nutrients to facilitate faster tissue repair.

HBOT also helps lower inflammation, reduce tissue Hypoxia, and improve the overall immune system so your wounds heal faster.


  • Infection Control


One of the best ways HBOT supports patients’ overall health is by assisting in infection control. The therapy administers pure oxygen at an increased atmospheric pressure so your body cells effortlessly absorb it and transport the pure oxygen throughout your body. Many harmful bacteria are sensitive to high oxygen levels, making the environment less favorable for their existence.

So, as you continue taking personalized hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions, they will help your body fight bacteria and strengthen immune cells. HBOT is potent in improving the ability of white blood cells to engulf and fight harmful bacteria, aiding your immune system’s faster recovery and growth. The treatment also has antimicrobial effects and promotes antibiotic activity, so your body is fully prepared to fight infections.


  • Reducing Inflammation


HBOT modulates the production and release of inflammatory mediators like chemokines, cytokines, etc., helping your body regulate inflammatory responses. They even assist in downregulating specific inflammation-related pathways, helping you reduce inflammatory responses in target areas.

During inflammation, leukocytes stick to the blood vessel’s walls and migrate to the injury site. Excessive leukocyte adhesion can contribute to significant tissue damage, leading to higher inflammation. HBOT can help reduce this white blood cell adhesion, limiting their infiltration into injured tissues and minimizing inflammation.


  • Oxygenating Tissues


Every body cell needs adequate oxygen for optimal functioning; hence, delivering additional oxygen directly to plasma accelerates the body’s natural healing capabilities. As hyperbaric oxygen therapy makes absorbing higher concentrations of pure oxygen easier, even areas with disrupted oxygen supply receive the essential oxygen for recovery and growth.

Patients with chronic wounds often have poor blood supply to the affected area. It leads to tissue hypoxia. But when they start taking HBOT, oxygen gets delivered to this area independent of the usual blood flow, and improvement starts to take shape. HBOT can be beneficial if traditional methods fail to fix the oxygen supply in your tissues. 

Should You Take Personalized HBOT?

Whether you take standard or personalized HBOT, both are effective treatment options. While standard HBOT is offered while keeping multiple patients in mind, personalized HBOT is custom-tailored to suit individual patient’s requirements.

If you have a complex chronic health situation that demands personalized attention, you may opt for personalized HBOT. However, the effectiveness of this therapy depends a lot on the medical facility, so ensure you take it from certified and licensed medical facilities with trained staff, approved high-end equipment, and expertise. You should consult your doctor to discuss your eligibility for this therapy and proceed accordingly.

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