HBOT Therapy Helps Woman Survive Rare Disease At Birth

Grace Using Hyperbaric Chamber

A native of Wisconsin’s Madison, Grace Kenitz turned 25 this month after a graceful recovery from a rare disease at birth. Thanks to the magic of HBOT Therapy, the incredible story of Grace is that of grit, determination, and hope.

Diagnosed with a Rare Genetic Disorder

Grace’s mother, Shannon Kenitz, an ardent hyperbaric therapy advocate, recollects from her memory about the days when her daughter was barely able to eat just months after her birth. That’s when she thought something was amiss and immediately consulted a physician.

Upon further examination, it was discovered that Grace might have a mitochondrial dysfunction, a rare genetic disorder. Her story becomes all the more incredible because there were times when doctors did not give much hope for Grace’s survival. They said that she would not live past the age of two. But, this month Grace turns 25!!

Grace Finds Hope In Hyperbaric Chambers

Twenty-five years ago, when Grace was diagnosed with this condition, and the doctors denied any chance of survival beyond a couple of years, Shannon came to know about hyperbaric chambers.

Resilient to save her daughter, Shannon went to the doctor for an HBOT therapy prescription.

Interestingly, Grace’s doctor prescribed medicines instead of therapy because they were not aware of it at that time.

Meanwhile, Grace’s condition continued to worsen. She was put on a feeding tube, lost her vision and ability to walk, and was by then, on 42 different medications. In a nutshell, it was turning life-threatening.

However, that did not deter Shanon, as she continued her quest to give her daughter a new leash of life. After several hunts, she finally found a doctor who gave her the necessary prescription for HBOT therapy.

Armed with the medical prescription, Shanon drove to Florida, where Grace’s treatment began, and she began showing improvements with each session of HBOT therapy.

Unraveling the Mystery of HBOT Therapy

HBOT therapy is an acronym for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a form of noninvasive treatment that has gained much traction in recent years due to its miraculous healing properties.

“HBOT therapy involves the patient going inside a pressurized chamber, where you are supplied with pure oxygen to breathe,” says Shannon. She explains further, “this forces the oxygen into your bloodstream and ultimately to your cells. The result is reduced inflammation throughout the body, including the brain, heart, muscles, and every cell of the body.”

Mitochondria and HBOT Therapy

In Grace’s case, her mother recollects the moment when the doctors diagnosed her daughter with mitochondrial dysfunction, which invariably meant that the cells in the body were slowly becoming bereft of energy.

Mitochondria, also known as the “powerhouse of the cell”, produces the energy our body needs to function. When it becomes dysfunctional, the cells do not receive enough energy, resulting in a spiraling effect and a lot of other complications.

It can affect almost any part of the body, including the cells of the heart, muscles, nerves, liver, ears, eyes, or brain. It is a rare health condition that does not have a permanent cure but can be treated, often requiring special health care needs.

Thankfully, breathing pure oxygen inside a hyperbaric chamber became a saving grace for Shanon’s daughter.

Breathing pure oxygen inside a hyperbaric chamber makes the oxygen travel deep inside the blood plasma. This causes the blood cells to get oxygenated. Since oxygen is vital for cell regeneration, oxygenated blood triggers the cells to heal and energize themselves.

Nightmare of Mitochondria Revisited

Grace was recovering well in Florida. However, Shanon had to come back to Wisconsin to save her marriage, and Grace’s health began to deteriorate again. Barely four weeks had passed, and Grace was sleeping for eighteen hours a day. Doctors confirmed that her brain was beginning to slow down.

That’s when she decided to open a center for hyperbaric chambers where not only her daughter would be treated, but also other children with special needs would be treated.

Our brain consumes the maximum oxygen to function normally. Also, oxygen triggers cell regeneration, which is crucial for healing.

“During an HBOT therapy session, the oxygen gets pumped into the rarest corners of the brain,” explains Shanon.

The Incredible Saga of Grace Continues

Shannon, who has been inspiring parents of children with special needs since 2003, describes her daughter’s fight for survival as an amazing ride. She further stresses that it was HBOT therapy that could have been the key to turning around Grace’s health conditions.

Meanwhile, Grace has been attending an adaptive fitness program that helps her with social interactions and improving her lifestyle.

“She has been to two weddings so far and goes to watch football matches fairly regularly,” her mother recollects those events with delight.

Shanon has been an ardent advocate for HBOT therapy and has been spreading awareness for the treatment options to the parents of special needs children.

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