HBOT Therapy Helps Woman Survive Rare Disease At Birth

Grace Using Hyperbaric Chamber

A native of Wisconsin’s Madison, Grace Kenitz turned 25 this month after a graceful recovery from a rare disease at birth. Thanks to the magic of HBOT Therapy, the incredible story of Grace is that of grit, determination, and hope. Diagnosed with a Rare Genetic Disorder Grace’s mother, Shannon Kenitz, an ardent hyperbaric therapy advocate, recollects from her memory about the days when her daughter was barely able to eat just months after her birth. That’s when she thought something was amiss and immediately consulted a physician. Upon further examination, it…

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Exploring the Advantages of Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism

Hyperbaric therapy for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a neurological ailment affecting the behavioral, social, and communicative skills of a child. This is a debilitating ailment that can eventually result in the impairment of the basic cognitive and motor abilities of an affected individual. As per medical reports, statistics have revealed that 1 out of 59 children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD on an average basis. The early signs of autism in children are known to set in anywhere between the ages of 1 to 3. The road to…

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Science Behind HBOT’s Efficacy in Autism Treatment

When it comes to Autism, very few tried and tested standard treatment methods exist, precisely why medicos are widely considering alternative forms of treatment like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Several studies have revealed how using a hyperbaric chamber can help address recurring inflammation and damage caused in the brain, a precursor to Autism. Thus, HBOT has helped several families fighting Autism curb recurring symptoms and find a way to add more smiles to their lives. In this post, we take a look at the science behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how using…

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HBOT and Surgery Helps Reinstate Boater’s Severed Finger

HBOT Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has long been recognized as a potent form of alternative treatment for a multitude of conditions. This time, along with an integral surgery, it helped restore a severed finger. Read on to know more. A Fishing Gone Wrong Only in January last year, Lisa Cagle had got it all planned out for an exciting day of boat fishing. Little did she know, she would end up losing the tip of her middle finger. And this is exactly how things unfolded on that fateful day. Lisa recalls…

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How Hyperbaric Chamber Cost Might Affect the Availability of COVID-19 Treatment

Hyperbaric Therapy cost

The global coronavirus pandemic has sent medical researchers around the world on a race to find an effective treatment option for the COVID-19 infection. Pharmaceutical drugs as well as therapies of all kinds are being suggested as physicians and researchers are working together to find a way to save patients suffering from severe cases of the novel coronavirus infection. Shortness of breath, cough, and fever are some of the common symptoms of COVID-19. Confusion, chest pain, and acute breathing problems may occur in patients with severe infection. Most patients who…

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Musician Justin Bieber Uses HBOT Therapy for Better Health

justin bieber HBOT therapy

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity in the nation to have confirmed the use of HBOT therapy for the purpose of gaining better health. In recent months, Bieber created a storm on social media after posting images in which he was seen undergoing HBOT inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. His pictures on Instagram raised a lot of concern about his mental health amongst his fan-base across the world, with many speculating if he was using HBOT to improve his psychological state. Bieber posted an explanation to his fans, saying: “Been…

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Former Quarterback Joe Namath Speaks Out About the Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy

Joe Namath, the renowned quarterback from the 1970s’, is a firm believer in the benefits of hyperbaric therapy. During his illustrious career, Namath is known to have sustained five concussions, apart from several impactful accidents to his head whilst playing crucial games. The string of injuries left Namath with serious health concerns such as memory loss, combined with other related problems post his retirement from the game in 1977. Namath did not undertake any specific treatment for his traumatic brain injury for several years. A few of his contemporaries committed…

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What Happens before and during the Oxygen Treatment?

HBOT Device Market

Many people get to know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy via various sources. However, many of these patients are often apprehensive about the working of HBOT therapy, how it is carried out, and what the side effects are. So, today, let’s analyze the whole process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? HBOT therapy involves 100% oxygen inhalation inside a pressurized chamber or cell. Normally, when a patient is not receiving HBOT, red blood cells become the sole carrier of oxygen in the body. However, when the patient is…

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HBOT Success Story: How HBOT Helped an Autistic Child

HBOT Helped Autistic kid

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a preferred treatment option for patients afflicted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are several instances of autistic individuals having benefited from this effective treatment. Here we are sharing the inspiring story of little David. How HBOT Helped David – A Child with Autism David, an adorable seven year old, was just two when the doctors diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since his infancy, David had the habit of expressing himself through hand movements instead of communicating his needs verbally. In due course,…

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How HBOT Helped Toros – A Child with Autism and Head Injury

HBOT Helped Toros

In recent years, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been steadily gaining momentum as an effective procedure for augmenting the natural healing process of the human body. Contrary to the belief of HBOT being a new-age treatment, the fact remains that it has been in existence since 1662 and has been administered as part of clinical treatment since mid-1800. This procedure involves inhalation of pure oxygen in a controlled total body chamber with increased atmospheric pressure. Medical practitioners generally recommend HBOT in addition to the patient’s existing health care plan, and…

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