HBOT: Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen

Those who know about the hyperbaric chambers might have guessed it by now; these are large chambers in which, the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere. So far, these chambers were used in treating breathing disorders or carbon monoxide poisoning and now, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is being utilized for treating Autism allover the globe.

How HBOT Works

The reason doctors are inclining more and more to HBOT is it increases blood circulation in the cerebral areas, delivering oxygen in greater concentration to the areas suffering from oxygen deficiency. This stimulates the cerebral tissues, aiding recovery in idling neurons and a reduction in excess fluids thus making the swollen brain tissues shrink back to their actual sizes. This improves neurological functionality and lessens the state of confusion. A complementary therapy also for mineral poisoning (e.g. mercury), it detoxifies the nervous system as well by assisting the body’s metabolism, which in turn, removes the poisoning effects of toxins like cyanides.

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