How Autistic Children Can Benefit From HBOT Therapy

Center for Disease Control recently released data stating that one in every eighty-eight children in America is diagnosed with Autism between two and three years of age. With an alarming rise in cases of autism (23% in 2 years), the need of the hour is to spread awareness of the causes of this condition and the course of treatment that can offer a solution.

Autism is a neurological condition that is caused by insufficient oxygen flow to the brain causing problems like concentration issues, tactile and sensory irritations, speech and communication deficiencies, and development of an unsocial attitude.

Autism treatments do not offer complete reversal of the effects of this disorder of the central-nervous system and brain. This is mainly because of the fact that dead brain cells are not capable of regeneration and regrowth, unlike cells of every other organ of the body. The resulting damage caused by Autism cannot be cured, but with regular treatments, its effects can definitely be arrested. A combination of experimental drugs, behavioral and speech therapies, and special education classes can significantly arrest the aggressive development of this neurological disability.

Recent medical researches have revealed that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT Therapy can significantly control this process of degeneration. Hyperbaric chambers are sealed-pressure chambers that are designed to raise the pressure-level of oxygen to 100%. According to the fundamentals of thermodynamics, any gas under high atmospheric pressure will dissolve at an increased rate in liquids and fluids. This is the basic concept on which HBOT Therapy rests.  Inhalation of pure oxygen under high atmospheric pressure conditions will result in the gas being dissolved in all body fluids and organs, and not just the blood.

Scans conducted pre-and-post therapy sessions have shown that the brain’s affected portions have undergone remarkable improvements with increased blood flow to the damaged tissues.  This therapy improves the oxygen levels in blood plasma which permeates all cell membranes. HBOT therapy also mobilizes the movement of stem cells from the bone marrow, resulting in the quick healing of wounds and recovery from neurodegenerative diseases.

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