Juan Manuel Marquez Has Included Hyperbaric Chamber In His Daily Fitness Regimen

Juan Manuel Marquez
Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez who comes from a legendary boxing family, credits his success in the ring to hard work, dedication in the gym & HBOT treatments and not his gene pool.

“Coming from a boxing family does not give me an advantage,” said Marquez. “The advantage is discipline and the training I put in every day.”

For Juan Manuel Marquez, it’s training as usual as the champion feels that he doesn’t need to change what has been working throughout his career.

After his morning runs, he returns home for breakfast and relaxes with his family before heading to his gym, arriving by 12:15 p.m. to train for two hours with his esteemed trainer Nacho Beristain. He then sits in a hyperbaric chamber for two hours before returning home.

“I am following my past preparations that have proven to work for me,” Marquez said. “My work so far has been with the same energy and dedication that I approach every fight. It feels good to be back at a weight that is comfortable for me which allows me to train at the right intensity and allows my body to get in fighting shape more easily.”

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