Tim Tebow Uses Hyperbaric Chambers As Part Of Body Recovery Treatment

Tim Tebow Uses HBOT Therapy To Keep Fit
Tim Tebow Uses HBOT Therapy To Keep Fit

Tim Tebow is known for his grueling workouts. He’s been featured on the cover Men’s Fitness and has been seen pushing large tires around like little toy cars.

At the SPARQ training event last weekend, Tebow explained what his workout is like at this point in the off season.

“Well I do a lot. It all starts with your diet, so I always eat a great breakfast because that’s giving your body fuel. I get into my first formal workout then after that I’ll get into weights, my speed work and then my strength training. After those it’s about recovering your body in hot tubs and cold tubs, and hyperbaric chambers. It’s about getting your body used to training and then also recovering.

I do a lot of squat jumps, box jumps, anything that builds explosiveness. It’s all about your quickness, your first step, and if you have that, you can compete.”

At 6′3” and 245 lbs, Tebow has the body of a tight end more than a QB. Yet, he scored the highest a QB has ever scored (96.92 out of 130.0) in the SPARQ rating system. That’s a better score than Reggie Bush.  He credits his fitness to the hard work he puts in and always wanting to compete with himself and others.

Coming to the Mile High City at 5,280 feet above sea level has added a new dimension to the Florida native’s workout. While it has taken some time to adjust, Tebow says this about the altitude:

”It’s different, but I love it because it’s just going to give us an edge.”

As a fan I love seeing opposing players hooked up to an oxygen mask at the beginning of the game after a long run. It gives me confidence that the Broncos will have the edge as the clock ticks down in a close game. Tebow seems to agree.

The sport is so much more than play calling and execution. The foundation of success is a player’s body, and it’s good to have a young QB who knows that his body is his temple.

Extract: Tim-Tebows-Training-Regimen at predominantlyorange.com

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