HBOT Therapy Is Intrinsic To Autism Treatment

HBOT for Autism

April is the month of autism. Therefore, in this blog post, we will concentrate on how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps to improve the health condition of children and adults suffering from autism.

Autism, as we all know, is a neurological developmental disorder that develops due to limited oxygen supply to different parts of the brain. This may result in any of the following behavior patterns: inability to communicate and express feelings of pain and anger, tendency to repeat certain activities obsessively, attention and retention deficit disorders, gastric-intestinal problems etc. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure that attempts to improve the oxygen content of the various cells and tissues, so that, the various organs recover quickly and respond effectively to the different stimuli that come in from the environment.

The treatment procedure of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is quite simple. Patients are asked to lie inside an acrylic bedchamber, the pressure of which is gradually increased with regular dosage of oxygen. Patients are asked to breath in the oxygen that is being administered into the chamber under high pressure levels. The duration of these sessions are strictly determined by the physician on the basis of severity of the chronic condition. The best results are seen when the patient undergoes consecutive HBOT sessions on a daily basis, or every alternate day. In some cases, positive results are seen after ten to twelve sessions, but in other cases, improvement is seen after as many as forty sessions.

HBOT therapy is conducted in two types of chambers: monoplace and multiplace chambers respectively. The former is designed for residential use. It can accommodate only one patient at a time, and is meant for those autistic individuals whose heath conditions have improved to a major extent and need to undergo sessions for general upkeep. Multiplace chambers, on the other hand, can accommodate any number of patients between 6 to 8, and are generally found on hospitals, clinics and treatment centers. These chambers are administered by trained professionals, and are generally meant for patients who suffer from severe health deficiencies caused by autism. But whatever be the method of treatment, it is best to resort to professional help in the initial sessions before deciding to undertake this therapy at home.

HBOT therapy has often been at the center of controversy regarding its effectiveness, but with time, this method has proved to be immensely successful in the treatment of autism. Greater awareness will lead to quicker improvements and help autistic individuals and children to lead healthier lives.

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