Autism Awareness: Benefits Of Treating Autism With HBOT Therapy

HBOT for Autism

With the rising number of autism cases getting registered worldwide every day, time is ripe when the subject of autism should be treated with much care and seriousness. This is one medical condition that cannot be wiped out from the face of earth completely through any medicine or treatment. But, there is a handful of therapeutic measures through which we can offer the autistic people a good living. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the most effective methods of keeping this medical condition under control. April is being observed as the World Autism Awareness Month since 1970.

The First Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Treat Autism:

Different theories relating to the cause behind autism are surfacing every day. Encephalitis or some damage caused by a possible brain injury are among such theories. While studying the brain scan reports of children with autism, scientists have observed that after the occurrence of any such damage, normal brain growth gets altered. That is the point from where most of the children start showing symptoms of disorder. A group of psychiatrists in Pennsylvania decided to put the HBOT treatment to test. The therapy was done on a group of adults and a group of children to see how it works on this disorder.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – What is It:

Imagine a roomful of oxygen and you are comfortably sitting inside it. Feels rejuvenating? That is exactly what oxygen does to a person inside a hyperbaric chamber. This is a sealed chamber filled with oxygen. A brain scan of the autistic patient is done. As a method of the hyperbaric treatment, the patient is made to breathe pure oxygen inside the chamber, at higher atmospheric pressure. After a number of such therapy sessions are done, the patient undergoes a brain scan through which the post-therapy condition of the patient’s brain is determined.

Does HBOT Work in Treating Autism:

It does. Using hyperbaric chambers for treating autism due to stroke, aneurism or narrowing of arteries has yielded effective results. Proper brain scans have showed that shadowy area of the patient’s brain get reduced after a considerable amount of hyperbaric therapy is done. This research has enough evidence to be optimistic about effective healing of the autism caused by encephalitis with hyperbaric chamber.

April- World Awareness Month:

2nd April is observed as the International Autism Awareness Day, while April is considered to be the International Autism Awareness Month. Layman probably can hardly make any difference to the present condition of this neurological disorder around the world. But, the awareness about the disease and its possible therapies can be spread through pamphlets, blogs and words of mouth. If you have not given it a thought yet, April is the time to get started. Be a part of the international campaign to “Light it Up Blue” by the world’s largest center for autism science, Autism Speaks.

A tiny action of yours can be instrumental in spreading awareness about autism among them who still have several wrong notions about the disease. You can do your bit to make such ignorant people aware about the facts rather than the fictions. Paint your face with blue color or get your Facebook cover photo clicked in blue clothes. Events can be organized to offer lessons about this mental problem and its treatments. At least that can be the lay man’s contribution to the process of spreading awareness about this.

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