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HBOT for Autism

Autism is that ill-fated disorder and NOT a disease that often makes you the butt of all jokes in social dos. Why? Because autism is a neurological disorder that affects the social interaction and communication habits of a person. So their inability to speak normally with others often keeps them sidelined from mainstream society. Disheartening, isn’t it? But times are changing and today autistic people are accepted in society because they seem to have turned the tables around in their favor, finally! Many of the MNCs today are looking for autistic professionals because statistics have showed that their ability to perform has been remarkable in the recent past because their approach towards work is different which in turn makes it better and much more productive.

The treatment for autism thanks to HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the most successful and effective ways to treat autism. This is one such therapy that does not guarantee a permanent cure for this disease but it somewhat reduces the impact of autism considerably well. With the advent of HBOT many of the symptoms of autism gets reduced considerably a lot, here is a list of 5 such symptoms. Lets have a quick look at those:

  • Behavior is one of their main forms of communication – we all know that communication is one such area that gets affected the most due to autism. Hence, the HBOT treatment that fights to normalize the communication skills. Until the communication skill perfects, it is important that we try to understand the point of view of autistic people through their behavior and body language.
  • The gap between two activities – autistic people take some time to activate their motor nerves. This fact clearly implies that when they are supposed to change one action and move towards another we cannot expect them to do it within a blink of an eye just like the way we do. However, with the help of HBOT this drawback improves drastically well. But one cannot expect that to happen in just one day, it is a prolonged process but till then we need to be a tad patient with them.
  • Don’t assume – when dealing with an autistic person, never assume and do things based on your assumption. I know sometimes when interacting with an autistic person you will tend to do most things with the help of assumption. HBOT helps in minimizing such assumptions and gives a clear picture to all their actions and words so that there is no room for actions based on assumptions.
  • Criticism is welcome but be careful with your words – criticism is always appreciated but it is important that you choose your words well because autistic people are very sensitive. This sensitivity comes with the problems that they need to deal with everyday. So with the help of HBOT as they overcome these problems their tendency towards being sensitive also lowers down.
  • Care should be taken on the sensory issues – autistic people have very sensitive sense organs, so much so that any sort of discomfort on their sensory nerves brings very adverse situations. Attack on their sensory nerves could be bright rather fluorescent colors in front of them or loud music with screeching sounds or shrills. These seem to bring in great discomfort and till the time HBOT treatment tries to cure these down it is best to keep such objects away from autistic people.


Autistic people need the love and care that will help them transform into mature and confident individuals. HBOT treatment is a necessity but along with that what is more important is to keep these basic five things in mind. Treatment can help only when they feel good about themselves and we are responsible to make them feel that way.


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