A Little Story about a Little Kid: Real Life Experiences

When Julian and Dora became new parents, they too expected their son Jaden to call them Mom and Dad. However, it has been a long wait for them, and they finally got to hear these magical words from Jaden after 6 long years, when they had almost given up the hope of it. And things are looking bright today, brighter than they have ever been, as Jaden sings to them their favorite song.

hyperbaric chamber

Jaden was diagnosed with Autism at an early age of 14 months. Not only did Julian and Dora speak to every medical expert they could find, they spent hundreds of dollars on medicine and therapies all through the next four years. However, the results were negligible or totally absent. This did not put Dora off, even though they were finding it pretty difficult to manage the financial side of things.

Finally, Dora and Julian started to work in shifts. Dora would be working during the day, while Julian stayed home and looked after Jaden. At night Dora would be by Jaden’s side and Julian would be off to his new duty as a night guard. This way they would be spending very little time with each other, apart from one day a week. But they would have the cash flowing in and also someone to take care of Jaden all the time.

It was at this point that Julian got to participate in an event related to Autism and HBOT therapy in their vicinity. Both of them took it very seriously, and Dora too decided to attend a workshop on Autism and HBOT therapy. However, when they got to know about the cost of hyperbaric chambers and HBOT treatment, they realized that they would probably not be able to shell out the money they needed.

Luckily, they received support from the local church, and were able to purchase a personal hyperbaric chamber for Jaden. And the results were amazing!

Within a year Jaden showed positive signs that both Dora and Julian had never expected. Jaden developed eye contact, he became more social. He started to play with the toys that had been lying in the cupboard for years. He developed speech, and could walk straight! It was almost a wonder for the family.

Today Jaden can sing. He even helps Dora with shopping and other household work. “We never thought we would get to hear Mom and Dad from our precious son. But it happened at last. We can’t be thankful enough to the church for offering us with the funds to buy the hyperbaric chamber for Jaden. That had made all the difference!”

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