Five top treatments with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT for Autism

Treating Arterial Gas Embolism with HBOT- 

You may hear a lot about Gas Embolism being incurable. There is no need to get intimidated. With a considerably proliferated use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy this disease can be well healed. We need to know about the disease briefly before talking about HBOT and its role in healing the condition.
Gas Embolism or Air embolism is a complex pathological condition caused by intrusion of a gas bubble inside the vascular system. A familiar symptom is Decompression Sickness commonly seen in underwater divers. Inert gas bubbles form in the bloodstream of the diver if the gas somehow dissolved in the blood under tremendous pressure is not allowed to evaporate or get eliminated in solution.
Now with the help of HBOT, where oxygen is used at a pressure level higher than that of normal atmospheric pressure, this chronic condition finds an easy solution. The increased pressure serves as a therapeutic solution as it physically reduces the volume of inert gas bubbles within the body.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has a remedy-

This mainly occurs through inhalation of carbon monoxide. A little amount breathed in could cause mild poisoning showing up symptoms like confusion, light headed dizziness, headaches, vertigo, mild nausea while extensive exposure to the toxic gas could turn fatal.
When carbon monoxide blends with hemoglobin in human blood  Carboxyhemoglobin (HbCO), (a chemical compound) is formed that prevents hemoglobin from releasing the adequate amount of oxygen in tissues. This effectively reduces the oxygen content in blood and body leading to Hypoxia. Recuperation of this complex condition basically demands conversion of Carboxyhemoglobin to Hemoglobin but that claims a great deal of time. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy supplies 100% distilled oxygen to the patient’s body cells which immediately starts working on the affected tissues catalyzing the desirable conversion of HbCO to Hemoglobin.

Thermal burns now have painless healing-

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy accelerates the rate of healing burn wounds to a tremendous extent. In case of first and second degree thermal burns it is basically the skin tissues which get affected. With the supply of pure oxygen the healing mechanism of the skin is effectively stimulated resulting in faster recovery and growth of new, healthy layer of skin. Also, with the maximum absorption of pure oxygen at pressure level higher than what the atmosphere offers normally, the White Blood Corpuscles are positively charged speeding up the healing process.

Treat Autism with HBOT- 

Autism Spectrum Disorder, as we know is a neurological, developmental disorder which is mainly caused due to insufficient supply of oxygen to different parts of the brain. Lack of oxygen supply in brain is detrimental to its optimum development resulting in awkwardness, restricted social behavior and chained expression. There is a profound inability to communicate, Gastro-Intestinal troubles, propensity to repeat certain behavioral traits etc.
The treatment with HBOT is definitely not as complicated as the chronic condition. The patient is made to enter an acrylic chamber which supplies 100% pure oxygen at a pressure level higher than normal atmospheric pressure. The patient can easily absorb pure oxygen in large quantities filling up the lack he or she had in his or her body. The duration of the patient inside the chamber is determined by the physician and depends on the severity of the condition or the stage the patient is in. in some cases improvement might be traced right after twelve to thirteen sessions and in some severe cases the patient might need as many as thirty to forty sessions or even more.

Traumatic Brain injury shows effective recovery with HBOT-

When an external mechanical force hits brain it might lead to a traumatic shock and severe injury. Internal haemorrhage, clotted lump formation, or any sort of intracranial injury varies in its level of severity. It may lead to eventual death or even complete recovery depending on the intensity of the injury, treatment and the pace of recovery. With HBOT, cerebral blood flow to Ischemic Penumbral areas get stimulated resulting in effectively fast recovery.

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