An Insight on Commercial, Mono-Place HBOT Chambers and Multiplace HBOT Chambers

HBOT for Autism
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Commercial HBOT chambers are used in clinics and hospitals where the patients are monitored by doctors and medical professionals. The commercial HBOT chambers are not portable and its internal volume measures over 80,000 cubic inches. The length of these chambers measures almost nine feet and its diameter measures 31 inches. The chamber can withstand pressure of up to 4 psi. This chamber can accommodate both child and adult comfortably.

Commercial HBOT chambers have dual layered polycarbonate windows which allow the light to come into enter the chamber. The attendant can observe the procedure within the chamber from either side of the window. The process of inhaling the oxygen can be carried out by wearing a mask or even without a mask.

Mono-Place Hyperbaric Chambers are designed for a single patient. The patient undergoes the procedure while lying down inside the chamber. People, mostly athletes, own Mono-Place chambers are for home-use. These mono-place HBOT chambers do not consume too much space and take up as much space as twin sized bed. The patients can read books or listen to music inside the chamber while undergoing the treatment.

In contrast to the Mono-place chambers, the Multi-Place HBOT Chambers can accommodate two to ten people at a single time. Since these chambers are pretty spacious, the patients can sit inside at their comfort, listen to music, or read books while undergoing the therapy. The parents can accompany their children into the chamber during their therapy. Some of the popular health clubs and gymnasiums also have multi-place HBOT chambers.

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