An Insight on Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


Before discussing about portable HBOT chambers, let us take a brief look on the concept of HBOT Therapy. Well, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a specialized treatment wherein, the oxygen is inhaled at an atmospheric pressure which is higher than the normal. HBOT is not a new concept but has been in use for treating certain medical disorders, since 1800. Hyperbaric therapy was earlier used to treat conditions such as CO poisoning and gas gangrene, but, with advancements in the medical field, today, HBOT therapy is being increasingly used to treat a number of disorders, radiation injuries and chronic bone infections.

In HBOT Therapy, a patient is treated in a uniquely designed cylindrical chamber wherein he inhales 100% pure oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure. In HBOT therapy, the alveolar oxygen pressure is enhanced, resulting in a steep rise of plasma oxygen content that in turn increases oxygen delivery to the tissues. Typically, the treatment lasts from one to two hours.

About Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Portable Hyperbaric chambers are used to carry out HBOT therapy in home. At times, the portable HBOT chambers are also referred as mild HBOT chambers. The portable HBOT chamber was initially used to treat altitude sickness. Today, the chambers are used to treat several neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy and autism. Researches have revealed that mild HBOT therapy has also brought in significant improvements in other severe conditions which include multiple sclerosis, brain injuries and other immunodeficiencies.

Recent researches on hyperbaric medicine have revealed that mild HBOT chambers have an immune modulating effect and mild hyperbaric treatment when undertaken for a course of six months (or more) has yielded better results for most conditions compared to treatment undertaken at a higher pressure.

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