Early Diagnosis & HBOT Help Autistic Children To Stay In Old School

HBOT for Autism

Autism, which is a widespread neurological disorder, is found in 1 out of 68 children based on CDC data report of 2010.

Autism is a neurological disorder that appears with symptoms like nonverbal communication, stereotyped or repetitive behavior and cognitive disabilities. In one sentence, a child with autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) suffers from a lot of social skill impairments.

So, early diagnosis can help in recognizing children with autistic symptoms and it also can help to take action at very early stage to fight back against autism with early interventions, medications and therapies.

In most of cases, children with autism are not diagnosed at a very early stage. Sometimes, later finding of autistic symptoms in children may place hurdle on their racetrack, and this hurdle makes them stumble before the race begins.

What is this hurdle we are talking about? It is the transfer of children with ASD after 3rd grade from an old school to a new one, especially equipped for autistic children.

This really hurts children with autistic symptoms because a sudden replacement of a setup which has already been in their minds for a long time and they are usual to, make them mentally upset. It is very harmful for them and push them 1 step ahead towards mental retardation.

Transfer of autistic child can’t be the one and only solution. The schools can bear HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) treatment under inspection of some physicians or pediatricians. OxyHealth has made a revolution with their invention of different hyperbaric chambers. One of them is ‘portable hyperbaric chamber’ which is specially designed to fit in office, clinic and even at school with its safety and effectiveness.

This therapy with 100% pure oxygen supply with “flash-through” system gives oxygen at its saturation level to whole body fluids, tissues and neuronal cells. It may not cure autism but can improve autism with an enormous improvement of cognitive disabilities.

If these schools try HBOT for their students from an initial stage, like from their 1st grade, then after 3rd grade most of the students can behave like other normal students (non-autistic). Then, there will arise no question about the replacement of an autistic child to another school.

So, early diagnosis should be the preliminary step and it can only be done by the awareness of parents. Early diagnosis of autism can be done on or before the age of three. So, parents need to pay more attention to their children and they should be in touch with pediatricians. Early diagnosis can give early treatment. The treatment and early interventions make an early improvement.

Not only parents but school authorities should also bear responsibilities for children they are dealing with. If they incorporate HBOT in their schools as a part of daily health checkups for their students from infancy, then the therapy can make them tend to become normal with their age and grade.

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