HBOT – Reliable to Treat Autism and CP even for Celebrities

Actor RJ Mitte of Breaking Band

Almost all of us know that there are different kinds of brain injuries and neuronal malfunctions from mild to severe. The important part is to understand how serious these neuronal issues can be. As per CDC report of 2008, 1 out of 88 children was found with autistic disabilities, whereas the last 2010 CDC data report says that 1 out of 68 children is with autism / ASD in U.S.

How serious the autism is with its symptoms:

Besides CDC reports, it was also reported that 91% of autistic children died by drowning accidentally between the year 2009 and 2011.

So, these reports are sufficient not only to understand, but also to make people aware of autism/ ASD (neuropsychiatric disorder).

Autism is incurable as it is strongly genetic and it comes with multiple disorders, listed below:

# Non-verbal communication

# Lack of eye contact

# Repetitive behavior

# Cognitive disabilities

# Linguistic disability

# Motor skill disorder


CP symptoms along with autism:

Another neuro developmental disorder is cerebral palsy. It is mostly found that kids with cerebral palsy commonly suffer from autism.

In case of cerebral palsy, brain malformation or brain developmental disorder occurs mostly during the time of birth or the time of the infants’ brain development. Sometimes low oxygen level in brain can be a reason for cerebral palsy.

So, should we worry about it?

The answer is hidden in its symptoms. The people with cerebral palsy have problems with motor skills, muscle coordination, and have intellectual disabilities, though cerebral palsy occurs due to different prenatal and perinatal reasons.

Few of the CP (cerebral palsy) symptoms are also very similar to symptoms of autism.


How to treat autism and CP:

Autism has no cure and CP is also considered as one of the incurable chronic neurological brain disorders, but we can treat autism as well as cerebral palsy with the oxygen therapy or HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

HBOT with the specially designed hyperbaric chambers creates high atmospheric pressure to dissolve more oxygen in body fluids (especially in blood) to supply the brain more than adequate amount of oxygen.


American celebrities even use HBOT to treat:

Actor RJ Mitte is a famous personality, who is well known for his role in Breaking Bad. We don’t need to say much more of him. If you go through his personal life, then this American talent (actor, producer and model) has mild cerebral palsy. He is a role model for overcoming the CP challenges.

Actor RJ Mitte of Breaking Band
Actor RJ Mitte of Breaking Band














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