Experience On HBOT Suggests it as Reliable Therapy


Have you heard of oxygen therapy? Yes, there is a therapy which is designed to treat many diseases. Not only that, but if a treatment does reduce the surgical pain and cost, then patients will definitely love it.

Yes, we are talking about the oxygen therapy or HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Hyperbaric medicine is designed to treat multiple diseases. A patient from Chennai shared his own experience on how hyperbaric medicine reduced his pain and surgery cost.

Patient’s story on experiencing HBOT:

Patient under HBOT
Patient under HBOT

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It is the story of none other than director Chellapa. Once the life of Chellapa had turned very stressful because of his hectic life schedule. Slowly he found that his world was collapsing. Not only that, but he was also with heaviness in his chest. Overall it seemed collapsing and painful for director Chellapa in his words.

At this stage he was advised to take the hyperbaric oxygen therapy which can provide him relief from it. HBOT is not a single day therapy if you really want to get rid of your problem. After a number of sessions, he finally had got the relief from his problems. His words explain, how he had felt before HBOT when he was collapsing, and the stage after HBOT, “That was five years ago. Today, I feel as healthy as anyone else”

Why to choose HBOT:

A patient’s experience in his own words is more trustworthy than a couple of ads and blogs on what the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and its effects on patients.

The situation described above is not the only thing to get support for HBOT. HBOT is considered as an alternative treatment for:

# Traumatic brain injury

# Diabetic wounds

# CO poisoning

# High altitude sickness

# Stroke

# Cardiac ischemia


HBOT to treat autism:

Traumatic brain injury in the above listed diseases reminds me of a neuropsychiatric genetic disorder, autism. Autism itself is a spectrum of disorders, that’s why it is also named ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). It is purely genetic and more than 500 genetic variants are responsible for it, though inadequate amount of oxygen in the neuronal tissues also causes this brain disorder with behavioral impairments.

HBOT with specially designed hyperbaric chambers, helps in the fast tissue recovery by supplying the oxygenated blood. The working phenomenon of HBOT is that high pressure of oxygen dissolves more oxygen in blood than normal. So, the oxygen can reach even those regions with the blood fluids where the oxygen carrier RBC can’t reach.

Consultant’s recommendation on HBOT:

The consultant, preventive cardiologist of Oxymed hospitals, Dr B. Ayaz Akbar says, “The hundred per cent oxygen treatment is resorted to in the Navy, Air Force and the Army when personnel face problems due to tremendous pressure or high altitudes. But this is not much practiced in the private sector”+

He also explains a vital thing on the matter of cost saving, and that is, “The manipulation of temperature and oxygen relieves one from pain and this non-surgical intervention does not cause pain and brings down the hospitalisation costs too”

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