Combined Effect of HBOT and Artemisinin in Curing Leukemia

A recent study from University of Washington and Washington State University (as published in journal  Anticancer Research) commented the hyperbaric therapy the way to increase the effectiveness of the artemisinin – an anti cancer drug.

From the study it can also be pointed out that the use of the drug or the HBOT alone can reduce the effectiveness of cancer (leukemia) by 15% whereas a combination of both can reduce the effectiveness of the drug by almost 38%. The research also pointed out that beside leukemia; it is also helpful in reducing the effect of the breast cancer.

Use of HBOT is spreading from the treatment of autism, cardiac arrest to the different treatment fields that counts Cancer, healing of wounds to prevent the flesh eating bacteria etc. Moreover its “No Side Effect of medication” adds a feather of the hope of relief to its hat!

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