Story of Kristen LaBrie

Many of us aware of the most tragic news of April 15, 2011!

kristen-labrieA mother killing her cancer – suffering autistic son…can you believe this? But it is true. It is Kristen LaBrie – 38 and Fraser his 9 year old ill fated son. When he needed his mother the most, he was rewarded DEATH as a return!

He was suffering from cancer, which was decreasing, but however he died out of leukemia, he was just 9 then! Prosecutors argued Kristen LaBrie negligence as the prime cause for the death. She was also asked to go for an anger management program and then was put behind the bars. I wonder why LaBrie didn’t opt for HBOT. It doesn’t require much special care, or attention. The diagnosis can be done in the clinic itself. Many are of the opinion that few sittings can easily generate a better result. Nowadays, if you simply spend some and admit your get your kid for the regular hyperbaric therapy you will readily get the result. Though nothing can be compared with the mother’s love and mental support, however this much can be assured that the child is not going to face the death. Beside this you can also opt for the music therapy. Not just playing musical instrument, singing songs and listening to the music breaks the ice; it is a total therapy that really helps to recover.

Hyperbaric therapy is one of the best treatments that can be provided to the autistic children. Beside celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna, sally Kirkland, Maya Volk and many others have been found using HBOT just for the positive effects.

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