HBOT Therapy – An Emerging Alternative Treatment for Autism

HBOT Alternative Autism Treatment

It is a widely accepted fact that parents of autistic kids would rattle of various forms of treatments. Moreover, they would also say that they have also used a large number of therapies and diets in an effort to reduce the symptoms of autism. One therapy that is gaining popularity among the autism community is the HBOT Therapy. It is a treatment in which the autistic kid breathes pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The main reason behind using HBOT in people with autism is that the increase in oxygen would reduce the excessive swelling of the brain tissues. It also increases cerebral blood flow and dramatically stimulates the cerebral tissues. This treatment would always allow the brain to execute its job to perfection.

HBOT Therapy for Children with Autism

It is a concerning aspect to witness the number of kids diagnosed with autism each year. Moreover, the statistics related to autism is continually changing, and there is less doubt that autism has impacted many families. In this context, it is important to note that traditional medicines do not offer much help to treat autism and that’s why this therapy is emerging as a popular treatment for autism. A one-hour session of such therapy is quite beneficial to improve the cognitive function and decrease inflammation. As per a study on HBOT Therapy, oxygen delivery would be maximized in the body with the help of this treatment. It also increases oxygen levels in the brain so that it can impact many other functions for overall development in social interaction and different cognitive abilities.

How will HBOT Treatment Benefit Your Autistic children?

If your child has autism, then you need to consider the benefits of this treatment. It is that type of treatment which is deemed to be safe for your child. Furthermore, it is also regarded as a non-invasive method to boost daily function and decrease the autistic symptoms. The medical advantages of autism and HBOT are quite significant. On the contrary, the number of kids diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), these days has increased tragically. For instance, the number had risen from 1 in 150 children in 2000 to 1 in 88 in 2009. Due to this rapid increase in the case of autistic kids, a large number of parents are now turning up to alternative forms of treatments. A large number of clinical studies have also depicted that hyperbaric oxygen treatment can drastically reduce the symptoms of ASD. The following results have been derived from HBOT Therapy performed on autistic kids:

  • Reduces brain inflammation.
  • Increases the delivery of oxygen to tissues that are deprived of oxygen.
  • Promotes the receptive and expressive language.
  • Stimulates better eye contact and also improves exceptional motor skills.
  • Promotes the creation of new brain connections.
  • Improves sleep patterns in kids.
  • Reduces aggression.

In Conclusion

One of the most common uses of HBOT is to treat autistic kids. With recent advancements in medical science, the HBOT Therapy would gain more attention


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