The Redskins recommend HBOT in hyperbaric chambers.

The Rochester Redskins are a non-profit organization in the city of Rochester, Michigan. Their organization exists to educate and instruct juvenile boys and girls in the sport of football and cheerleading. The Redskins guide boys and girls to improve their physical, mental, and moral well-being, and to develop a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.

The players recommend HBOT treatments in personal hyperbaric chambers and added that the oxygen treatments speeds recovery from injuries and keep them feeling fresh – ” I get a little bounce to my step,” said Moss, who also believes the practice also helps prevent injury.

Santonio Holmes owns a hyperbaric chamber. So does Maurice Jones-Drew. Hines Ward told Pittsburgh reporters it was his “fountain of youth,” while Terrell Owens famously said his chamber helped speed his recovery from a broken leg. Zach Thomas and Patrick Kerney used their own chambers for years, while Channing Crowder bought one within the past 12 months.

Brian Cushing, last year’s AP defensive rookie of the year, is a well-publicized fan of the chambers. And Dwight Freeney’s hyperbaric chamber became a huge storyline last winter when he used it to help recover from a sprained ankle before the Super Bowl.

Yes, hyperbaric chambers are all over the NFL in 2010, and they’ve long-since reached Ashburn. Sure enough, Santana Moss acquired one of the chambers about a year ago, and through Moss’s contacts, DeAngelo Hall bought his within the past month.

The media were all over this story when Gilbert first discussed it, but the tents are apparently prosaic enough in the NFL that no one seems to have mentioned Moss’s chamber, which Malcolm Kelly also regularly uses. Moss started using the technique during his second NFL season at a New York hospital, and said he saw other patients achieve great results.

“There was a police officer, she was in a bad wreck where she was a vegetable almost, couldn’t move or nothing,” Moss said. “She would go in there when I used to go in there. After that first year, she was doing things they said she wouldn’t be able to do, just by going there.”


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