Success Story with HBOT Therapy

Yet another success story has been associated with the correct implementation of HBOT therapy very recently. Contrary to the rumors that HBOT is nothing but media hype, Laureen and her husband Sam have finally found their happy life back all because of HBOT treatment. Today, when she recalls the June morning back in 2006, she still can’t believe that her family has finally made it out of the phase that had made their life so difficult all these days!

It all started when Sam suffered a massive stroke in June 2006, which Laureen mistook to be the ill effects of a vomiting bug. Sam made it to the hospital only the following morning, and had been lying at home all through the previous evening and the night. According to the doctors, there were minor or no chances of survival, and even if he did make it, he would probably live with paralysis forever.

Professionally Sam was one of Ireland’s leading karate masters, much fitter than most men you would have come across, even at the age of 50. He ran a karate club. It was impossible for Laureen to believe what she had heard at the hospital, but she never gave up. They went through a huge number of therapies, spent 4 months in a rehabilitation center, and saw a good improvement.

Sam could walk again, but with the support of a stick. His arteries were still blocked, and needed surgery. However, the surgery turned matters towards the worse, and he started to relapse into the state he was in earlier! Laureen didn’t give up though. She went through extensive research on this, and finally decided on trying HBOT Therapy, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Today Sam and Laureen both thank their luck that they have finally been able to regain their earlier happy lives, even if there is a long way to go. Sam doesn’t need a walking stick anymore, and he associates it to the HBOT treatment that he underwent. Yet another proof of what HBOT has been able to achieve, isn’t it?

[Names have been changed to ensure privacy.]

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