Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy: Not quite an expensive folly!

Why do traditional views always have to bar newer approaches? Quite a few of the net-surfers came across opinions (read one here) opposing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. By and large, it is now a situation that resembles getting shot by one of the two rivals you are mediating. It is easier to choose between AC and DC when one is given the electric chair. One thing solves it all: when vice leads the way to virtues, it must be tried once before approving dismissal. Try that with inconsistency and you’ll understand; when a change proves good, staying consistent on a previous outlook often results in loss.

Or is it that we want everything instantly? Seems so, for we see that reflecting from sedatives to painkillers to slimming centers to phalacrosis treatments; things seem to turn around by 180o within a few hours. So a little poke here and there proved too much of anything is bad. Be it in being staunch over an idea or in hyperbaric oxygen treatment; this is also why oxygen toxicity occurs too often and attracts untoward criticism. I guess I shall not be chopped down by those who still haven’t had been able to fathom pressurized oxygen correctly, so let me narrate the tale of a depressive phase and boredom.

Due to a number of reasons I had to discontinue my HBOT treatment schedule after covering three-quarters of the program. It was a tough time I was undergoing; one of those when even John Coltrane seemed like incessant bleats. Hardly a couple of weeks passed before I felt I need it badly, so sneaked out some time the very next day to go diving in pressurization.

I met this couple at the HBOT center trying something different before giving it up on their autistic son. The therapy restored back the energy within the first two days but I decided staying in touch with the couple. The first three weeks had shown the child getting better on his vocabulary, focus and making eye contacts.

It’s his 11th birthday today and I remembered it in the 11th hour. Max Payne isn’t that rare a game; is it? I hope I don’t have to go searching extensively for the gift.

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