Inspirational Story of Michael Coss – The Courage To Come Back


Six years ago, a car accident completely destroyed the life of Michael Coss, a marketer in Molson -Coors Canada Inc. He was on his way to Kamloops for attending a promotional event when he had to swerve his car to save an animal crossing the highway. He succeeded in saving the animal, but failed to save himself.

He was in a state of coma for 6 and a half months with irreparable injuries in the brain. Doctors were of the opinion that he would never be able to speak, walk or eat on his own ever again. However, this verdict was not good enough for Michael’s father, Bob Coss. Refusing to see his son under the support of a long-term care service, he started looking for alternatives. This was the time when he came across Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT. Bob made extensive researches on HBOT – knowing about the procedures and reading testimonials from people all over the globe. But he was initially apprehensive. While in the chamber, Michael was in the risk of having a seizure or perhaps, damaging his eardrums. Suzie Coss, Michael’s mother made sure that she stayed with her son inside the chamber while he was undergoing the therapy.

The first sign of improvement was seen while Michael was inside the chamber during his third session. Previously, he was able to open his eyes only on reflex. But this time, he did it on command. Suzie could not believe what she had seen. It was hard for her to hold back her tears. From then on, Michael was making slight but steady improvements every time he stepped inside the chamber.

With each HBOT session lasting nearly an hour, Michael had to undergo 275 sessions till date. But the improvements made by Michael is beyond ordinary. According to Bob and Suzie, the recovery of their son is about 60% complete. Michael can now express his feelings clearly. Not only can he speak, eat and take a bath on his own, but he can also walk with the support of a cane. Although he still needs regular support with physiotherapy and speech therapy, but the improvements shown by Michael are way beyond the doctors’ predictions.

This is a true story of success and inspiration. This story does not only exhibit the unmatched love of Bob and Suzie for their son, but also showcases the bravery and will-power of Michael Coss for his courage to come back. Like the Coss family, HBOT has become a major part in the lives of thousands of people. The full reach of HBOT is still under the scanner, but people like Bob Coss is thankful to HBOT as it brought back his son from absolute nothingness.

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