Inside the HBOT Chamber – What Is It Like To Get An HBOT Treatment?

If you are wondering what kind of experience it would be to get and HBOT Chamber Treatment, here are a few tips!

Before starting your treatment, you change into scrub suits and remove your shoes. Upon entering the HBOT chamber, you pick a seat and get comfortable.

As the treatment begins, you feel a pressure on your ears, much like that of being in an airplane. It is important to clear your ears constantly during this time. As the pressure increases it gets a little warmer, but is never uncomfortable. If the pressure is too uncomfortable or builds up too fast, simply notify the technician and it can be slowed down.

When the HBOT treatment pressure is reached, you put on your bib, and then just sit back and relax. You can read, take a nap, or use any available entertainment system.

It’s a good idea to drink some water during the pressurization and treatment, and this can help the young ones clear their ears.

When the HBOT treatment ends, the air becomes cooler and mist forms in the air. It is important to clear the ears during this time as well. The overall experience is quite pleasant, and most children find it to be fun and exciting.

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