Hyperbaric Chamber Fire – Fort Lauderdale

The recent fire incident regarding the hyperbaric chamber that occurred in Florida raises some serious concerns about the safety of these chambers in the Hyperbarics industry.

Our bloggers has been scrutinizing all the hyperbaric manufaturers since this incident occurred. We found this responsible post on the OxyHealth LLC website “Oxy Health chambers are completely different by design. In order to specifically avoid the downfalls of ‘static, oxygen filled chambers,’ OxyHealth portable chambers incorporate a unique ‘flow-through’ system that continuously flushes ambient air through the chamber environment resulting in a no risk environment to the occupant. This is primarily why OxyHealth chambers are approved for home use, with many other fail-safe redundancy features that also regulate the pressure.”

While this vertical blog focuses on HBOT therapy for various illness, we would like to emphasize our readers that safety matters. We would recommend that research is important and before such purchase or rental decision is made one should conduct a research. A great place to get a proper recommendation would be International Hyperbaric Association. They can be reached at Phone: 877.442.8721.

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