Epilepsy Can Enhance Autism Effects

We all know about autism, a well spread neurological disorder, and according to the current CDC data report of 2010, it is found in 1 out of 68 children. But autism is not a disease for children, it is also found in adults if it is not properly diagnosed at an early stage. In those cases, autism can show its severity with the addition of many symptoms.

There are two more things I have to say about autism.

  1. Autism is not a disease with one or a single symptom; that is why it’s called ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders). Many neurological disorders or symptoms are found in autism. Most common symptoms are lack of verbal communication, lack of eye contact, and repetitive and stereotyped behavior. In one sentence, autistic patients have social skill impairment and cognitive disabilities.
  1. Autism is a genetic disorder more than a neurological disorder because in most of cases, children are predetermined as autistic due to abnormal expressions of their genome when they are in the mothers’ womb.

Firstly, it was said that autism is not one disorder but it is a spectrum of disorders which are associated with social skill impairment. Recent findings suggest that autism runs not only with its own disorders but few of other neurological disorders also run with autism. We know Asperger’s syndrome is one of them, which mildly affects and impairs social skills like autism.

The other one is epilepsy which is a neurological disorder, but recent findings and researches say that one-third of all patients with autistic disorder also have epilepsy. The most common and known symptom of epilepsy is seizures in patients with loss of consciousness.

The symptoms of epilepsy vary in patients. The common symptoms are

  • A prolonged blank staring
  • Continuous jerking of arms and legs
  • Lack of verbal communications

The presence of these symptoms in a patient is for very short period. In some cases, symptoms are continuing for 15 minutes.

Epilepsy occurs due to misfiring in brain or it is caused due to electrochemical short-circuit in neuronal signals in brain. After misfiring in brain, patients with epilepsy commonly have the symptoms pointed above but if we analyze the disorders of autistic patients and symptoms of epilepsy for a short time span, then we can see some common features in epilepsy symptoms and ASDs.

It is concluded that, in case of severe epileptic condition, the epileptic patient can become an autistic patient. The rapid misfire of brain or neurochemical imbalance or disturbances during seizure can enhance the autistic symptoms.

An autistic patient can also go in severe condition by random epileptic attacks. So, early diagnosis and early treatment of epilepsy is necessary before it goes to vital condition to make a normal or epileptic patient autistic.

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