Children With Autism Also Have Pain Expression Disorder

Like many other neurological disorders, autism is another one, but it has some unique characteristics. That’s why autism is turning into a social curse, and the unique characteristics in autism are

  • It deals with multiple neurological disorders (ASD)
  • Initial stage of autism starts with Aperger’s syndrome
  • If autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) is not treated, then it may turn into another brain disorder.

and the last but most vital point is

  • Autism is not only a neurological disorder but a genetic disorder too.

The last one is the most important reason for the no cure of autism. There are several symptoms to know that a patient is suffering from autistic disorders.

  • Lack of verbal communications
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Stereotyped behavior
  • Cognitive disabilities

and the latest one is

  • Disorder in pain expression.

A recent study, which was published by Elsevier B.V., International Association for the Study of Pain, described that the autistic children are insensitive to pain or the pain expressions in the autistic children prolong for a long time compared to the normal or control samples, though the whole thing is still under study.


The study was done taking the samples of 35 children with autistic disorder (ASD), 32 children with intellectual disorder and 36 normal children or control samples. The objective of this study was done to understand the physiological, facial and behavioral expressions of children with autistic brains due to venipuncture.


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The reactions and responses were increased in between the base line and venipuncture but decreased between the end of venipuncture and the recovery period. This is found in all control samples and samples except the children with autism or ASD.

So, there must be a question about the reaction of autistic children.

The pain expressions or behavioral reactions remain high after venipuncture in case of the children with autism.

Conclusion: The children with ASD tend to recover slowly from the pain experience than the normal ones.

This whole thing justifies that, autistic brain works very slow with the impulses of impaired neuronal tissues with time taken of 500 milliseconds compared to a normal brain, which takes almost 200 milliseconds for a single impulse.

This latest finding of disorder in pain expression can be a diagnostic parameter to diagnose the children with autism or ASD. Because early diagnosis on or before the age of three can be beneficial to treat autism

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