Is Behavioral Therapy Going To Be Abusive Or Not?

Autism, a neurological as well as genetic disorder is found in 1 out of 68 children in the U.S. according to the CDC data report of 2010. But this data report is not enough to rip off this brain disorder from our society.

So, we first need to know about the symptoms to diagnose this brain disorder as early as possible to fight back ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). We all know the basic autistic symptoms as it occurs with

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Learning disabilities
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Cognitive disabilities

But we need therapies to recover the autistic symptoms as much as possible though autism is incurable because of its strong genetic base.

There are different kinds of therapies like,

  • Medication
  • Early intervention
  • Behavioral therapy
  • HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)


In all these therapies, HBOT is the only one which can reach the disrupted neuronal tissues with 100% pure oxygen.

Apart from HBOT, rest of the therapies also have their impact. A recent news is here which is about the behavioral therapy, but it has an unusual point of view.

The story is about a woman, who claimed to cure 10 autistic children with her method (violant) of behavioral therapy. It will be clear with examples, for instance, she has practised her therapy like, biting children who tend to bite and drenching them who are more fixated with water. Many people thought that it is abusive.

It’s like aversive therapies which are done for many years to treat patients to get rid off their phobias. If a patient wants to overcome the fear of height, then this therapy exposes the patient to his / her fear. But this therapy of facing the fear gradually can be helpful when an adult knows and understands the goal and steps of the aversive therapy.

But in case of mental disabilities like autism, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is considered by most people as a standard treatment of autism. As autism is strongly genetic and early intervention with behavioral therapy needs a long duration and continuation to get the changes so, the topic ABA is under controversy.

In case of aversive therapies for adult patients, they can answer whether the therapy is working or not. But the young children are not able to give verbal responses whether the therapy is working or not. They are just obeying the choice of their parents.

So before going for any therapy, first the parents have to know and understand the treatment in detail, specially when they are going to decide the future of their offspring.

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