Autistic Children Outgrow all the Social Impairments

HBOT for Autism

Childhood is always a pleasurable experience and young kids have the time of their life during their childhood. But that is a very general perspective that I am giving. Ever thought about those kids who are born autistic? Life is not a bed of roses for them and they have a lot of troubles to deal with and lot of battles to overcome autism. The biggest challenge that they face is that they are not easily accepted in mainstream society. They are made fun at and mocked at in almost all social gatherings which makes them fell neglected and unwanted. It is easy to say all this but many of us have no idea about the pain and most importantly the humiliation that they experience and go through. But can there be any silver lining behind the dark could of pain, humiliation and suffering?

Time for autistic kids to be a part of change

The big news that finally brings the much awaited silver lining behind the dark clouds is the result of the recent research conducted by scientists of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University is that those kids who are suffering from autism have the ability to outgrow the social ability that they were born with. This piece of news is the silver lining we all have been waiting for and who thought that this time the silver lining will be shining and twinkling so brightly! A little more about this research, the neuro physiological circuits which are responsible for speech were once considered to be damaged since birth and thats the reason why autism had no cure but not any more because today research has shown that those nerves are not fundamentally damaged and there is scope for improvement.

The research that was conducted

Passing such statements need to be validated and this time this statement got validated with the help of this research and which showed that there is scope for autistic people to improve their speech impairments. Let us throw in some light at the test that was conducted. The research had 222 kids within the age ranging from 5 to 17 and the kids were a mix of the ones who had autism and the ones who did not. This ensemble of two different categories of kids helped us to get the desired results of how autistic kids perform amidst those kids who don’t suffer from autism in a similar set-up. To test the condition of the autistic kids the set-up had an audio clipping in the first round. In this round the performance of both the autistic kids and the ones who did not have autism was at par. Round two had a video clipping and unfortunately the autistic group of kids performed horribly bad. Round three saw a clipping that had both an audio and a visual. The result in this round was a tad different, autistic kids within the age range of 6 to 12 performed very bad and as their age increased their performance also increased and was at par with those kids who did not suffer from autism, this however implied that with age came the experience that is required in such an audio-visual clipping.

The results gave a big sigh of relief to the parents who have autistic kids because they could now have the biggest satisfaction that their kids are no less than their peers and it is just a matter of time because with age and experience they will eventually accumulate all the right ingredients that will make them an achiever in life. This is one of the most recent research that has witnessed something people suffering from autism wanted to know and hear for almost a decade now.

So the silver lining did come but that does not mean that the medical treatment will be given a miss. Medical treatment still gives the much needed assistance to help autistic people improve their current condition. Lets not forget that the above mentioned research that was practiced on the autistic kids all of them have their medical treatments on a regular basis.

So if you have a child who is suffering from autism don’t be disheartened thinking that it is the end of their world instead feel lucky to see their quirkiness and accept them the way they are because eventually they will grow up to be an achiever in life.

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