7 Factors to Consider Before Buying Personal Hyperbaric Chambers

Personal Hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in which patients breathe 100% oxygen inside a pressurized compartment known as the hyperbaric chamber. Since the patient is inhaling pure oxygen, it is delivered to the damaged tissues of the body, enhancing the natural healing process.

Under normal conditions, only the red blood cells (RBC) are capable of delivering oxygen to all working cells of our body. However, during hyperbric therapy, under the increased air pressure, pure oxygen gets dissolved in all body fluids such as plasma, lymph, and the central nervous system fluids. These body fluids them delivers the oxygen to the damaged muscles and tissues, where blood flow is either limited or impaired.

Many individuals, undergoing hyperbaric therapy sessions regularly, often consider buying personal hyperbaric chambers to conduct the sessions from the comforts of their home. However, it is important to gain full knowledge of how the chamber works, analyze your need for buying, and evaluate a few other factors, before buying the compartment for real.

Do You Need A Personal Hyperbaric Chamber?

When you buy a quality personal hyperbaric chamber, it will be useful for at least the next 20 years. Moreover, its re-sell amount is not effective. Hence, here, it becomes important to consider if your treatment is long-term or short-term. If your treatment requires numerous hyperbaric sessions, then purchasing a personal hyperbaric chamber is a smart choice. This is because hyperbaric chambers are low maintenance and only needs occasional cleaning to keep the environment in a hygienic condition.

If your treatment is short-term, then instead of purchasing a personal hyperbaric chamber, consider renting one. It would be more feasible, cost-effective, and you can avoid the hassle of re-selling it after use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Personal Hyperbaric Chamber

  1. Type of HBOT Therapy

The first factor to consider before buying a personal hyperbaric chamber is not the size and dimensions, but the type of HBOT therapy prescribed by the doctor. Generally, you may find two types of hyperbaric chambers, soft side chambers that can accommodate pressure of around 1.3 to 1.5 ATA and hard side chambers that can accommodate up to 6.0 ATA. Therefore, consult your doctor regarding the type of personal hyperbaric chamber you must buy to continue your treatment at home.

  1. Accessories Required

Portable chambers come with various types of accessories such as air compressors, installation DVD, internal mattress, and other such things. These accessories vary from provider to provider. If you have specific requirements for accessories, look for a provider who offers them with the chamber instead of buying it separately.

  1. Physical Dimensions

Physical dimensions of the hyperbaric chambers should be checked in accordance with the person who will be receiving the therapy. If you buy a personal hyperbaric chamber of wrong dimensions and the person is not able to fit in, the chamber will be of no use.

  1. Safety Rating of the Chamber

One of the most important factor to consider while buying a personal hyperbaric chamber, the safety records and rating must be checked before buying it. Ensure that the chamber you are buying has the highest safety rating in the industry and meets or exceeds federal safety precautions and specifications, outlined for long-term functionality.

  1. Pricing Model

The pricing of the personal hyperbric chamber will differ according to the type and quality of chamber you are looking for. Some chambers are priced high due to the supreme quality, technology, and safety standards the manufacturer incorporates. It is best to go for high priced products for the optimum safety of the patient.

  1. Full Session Support

Your personal hyperbaric chamber should be capable of handling at least one full session of therapy, which is approximately 60 to 90 minutes long. Keeping the time frame in mind, it is advised to go for a test run before buying the chamber.

  1. Manufacturer Reputation in the Market

When you have checked all the above pointers, you should look for honest and unbiased reviews about the manufacturer of the hyperbaric chamber. This can be easily found online, on the official website, on social media pages, or with little research, you can acquire feedback given by previous customers. These reviews will tell you about the services and quality offered by the company.

Additional Factors to Consider Before Buying a Personal Hyperbaric Chamber

  1. Correct Environment for Placement

It is suggested to place your hyperbaric chamber in an area with proper air circulation. The interiors of the chamber is usually warmer than the exterior. Hence, if there is a lack of proper air circulation, the person inside the chamber will feel uncomfortable.

  1. Pressure Sensitivity of the Personal Hyperbaric Chamber

If the patient is sensitive to changes in air pressure, then opt for the chambers comes with automatic air compression and decompression. You can also buy a chamber that comes with controls to easily pressurize and depressurize the air from both inside and outside the compartment.

  1. Technical Support

Similar to many other types of medical equipments, personal hyperbaric chamber offer manufacturers offer installation and technical support to clients with little or no knowledge of hyperbaric chamber operation. So, if you need help to install and operate, opt a company that offers after sales technical support.

Hyperbaric Chambers: Choose According To Your Need

When you are buying a personal hyperbaric chamber, every little detail should be considered according to your requirements. Whether you require a single-person chamber or multi-person chamber. Has your doctor has suggested a soft-side chamber or hard-side chamber? Evaluate every minute detail, consult with your doctor, take suggestions from people already using it, and then go ahead to buy the chamber.

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