How Patients Feel During An Ongoing HBOT Therapy Session

HBOT for Autism

HBOT Therapy is a completely painless, non-invasive medical procedure in which patients are made to breathe in pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure levels.

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The tables within the chambers are padded to provide extra comfort to the patient. It has been seen that patients often fall asleep in the course of an ongoing session. Some of them also hear music or read books and magazines.

The transparent cover of the HBOT chambers allows patients to see and communicate with nurses and test administrators. This also prevents patients from feeling claustrophobic inside the chambers.

At the outset, there is no feeling of discomfort. However, with changing levels of pressure, patients might feel a “popping” sensation in their ears. There are techniques of alleviating the pressure level of the ears before entering the chamber to avoid discomfort caused by changing basic levels.

With the gradual compression of the chamber, there will be a rise in temperature within the bedchamber. But these chambers are air-conditioned, therefore patients will not feel any discomfort caused by rising temperatures.

Once the optimum level of pressure is reached, all accompanying discomforts will cease. Temperatures will also stabilize inside the chamber.

The treatment comprises breathing in pure oxygen, a process which is not at all different from inhaling oxygen under normal atmospheric conditions. Patients need not be concerned about any throat or nasal damage as possible side-effects of this treatment.

At the end of the alloted time, the chamber will be gradually decompressed, that is, the pressure will be gradually lowered. This might be accompanied by sensations like ringing eardrums, but such discomforts are only temporary.

Patients feel energetic and rejuvenated after the completion of the session as the extra in take of oxygen improves blood supply within the body.

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