Benefits Of Using Portable Hyperbaric Chambers


An extra dosage of oxygen is always beneficial for the human body. It helps in the recovery and revitalization of damaged cells and tissues and improves blood flow to the various organs. In fact regular HBOT therapy will result in the dissolution of oxygen into body fluids other than blood, like plasma and lymph nodes. Some even claim that with sustained therapy, the human body can even survive with a blood for a few days as oxygen is thoroughly dissolved in body fluids, cells and tissues.

Other than the aforementioned reasons, HBOT therapy is also useful for treating damaged muscle tissues. Therefore, athletes often undergo HBOT therapy in order to recover from their injuries. The best part is that monoplace, or portable hyperbaric chambers can be easily transported from one place to another. Athletes can travel along with these on tours, thereby saving themselves the hassle of getting admitted to a hospital. Also, portable chambers can be conveniently used at homes when the patient is being unable to get a reservation for a session in a multiplace chamber that is generally found in hospitals.

HBOT sessions also help in slowing down the process of aging as the constant supply of oxygen helps in the revitalization of damaged cells and tissues. Patients suffering from cerebral palsy, air embolism, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, various types of skin diseases etc benefit greatly by undergoing HBOT therapy.

Portable Hyperbaric chambers are relatively simple to use. The patient lies in a supine position while the pressure inside the chamber is gradually increased. Sessions do not last for more than an hour and the frequency of undergoing treatment depends on the patient’s progress and health requirements.

Even though it is relatively easy to handle monoplace hyperbaric chambers, expert supervision is preferable. Portable chambers are beneficial for those patients who are paralyzed and cannot be transported to a hospital. Also, these chambers are beneficial for athletes who travel a lot, and admitting themselves to a hospital for treatment in case of injury might be a hassle.

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