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Protocols Of HBOT Treatment
February 8, 2013 by Nancy Smith

Protocols Of HBOT Treatment

The protocol for HBOT treatment depends greatly on the health condition of the particular patient. If the stage of the ailment is extremely advanced, then the frequency and time frame of the therapeutic sessions have to be lengthened and intensified. A trained and practicing physician should always be consulted before undergoing these sessions.

In case of acute conditions, such as sports injury, or exposure to toxins, a couple of sessions are more than sufficient. For patients suffering from these conditions, therapies do not extend beyond a week to ten days.

On the other hand, patients who have chronic conditions and have suffered sustained injuries, like bone or soft tissue damage might have to undergo as many as twenty or thirty sessions, or even more, perhaps. The length of the recovery process depends on the extent of damage, and it may require a few weeks to a few years to recover completely.

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The initial bar for chronic cases is 40 sessions. This is then followed by an interim of rest, before resuming the second round of 40 more sessions.

HBOT treatment is always accompanied by physiotherapy to ensure an all-round development of the patient.

The duration of a session never extends beyond 2 hours. However, emergency situations like extreme cases of decompression sickness or carbon-monoxide poisoning may require extensive therapy sessions. According to records, patients have undergone therapy sessions that have extended over 8 hours.

Patients can undergo 2 HBOT therapy sessions in the course of a single day with a few hours of break in between. For marked and sustained improvements, sessions should be undertaken regularly throughout the course of the week.

HBOT therapy is an out-patient procedure, which means that patients can resume their daily course of activities after the session has concluded. This non-invasive procedure does not require any recovery period and does not hamper an individual’s professional and personal commitments.

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