Effectiveness of HBOT Therapy in Relieving Pain


HBOT therapy is not a newest addition to the field of medical science but today, it is hailed as an integral part of medical therapy. Although it is mainly administered to take care of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but medical researches have shown many evidences that attest to the fact that this therapy can render useful service to improve the symptoms of chronic painful syndromes. HBOT therapy involves the intake of 100% pure unadulterated oxygen at a pressure which is equivalent to the pressure 16-25 feet below the sea level.

HBOT therapy has been found to show beneficial effects on the patients who have a long history of suffering from chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgis, migraine and cluster headaches, regional pain syndrome, femoral head necrosis, back injury and other types of painful conditions. Although numerous medical records have proved that this therapy holds the power to improve the symptoms of various pain related syndromes, but exactly how the repression of the pain takes place is not completely explained. But various cases actually show that this therapy has the potential to relieve severe pain.

The pain-relieving feature of this therapy can be explained by the functioning of a chemical element called nitric oxide in the brain and other tissues. Besides, this therapy apart from aiding the pain relieving procedure also enables the healing of tissues and resuscitation of the dead nerves cells. It needs the patient to be located inside a chamber where the patient is exposed to the oxygen rich atmosphere for 60 minutes. The higher cost of this therapy as well as the scarcity of the hyperbaric chambers has barred its widespread application to various painful syndromes.

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