Why the Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Chamber Is Popular Amongst Parents Of Autistic Children

HBOT for Autism

The Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Chamber is popularly known for its efficacy in treating several disorders that may arise in the human body and mind.  The story of Gracie, the little girl inspired the making of Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center. Today the center has achieved its name for the high end treatments that have helped patients recover from traumatic brain injury, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, mitochondrial disorders and more. There are several autistic children who have benefitted from HBOT therapies.

Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Chamber

The chambers can either be multi-place or single-place. HBOT is basically a medical intervention that takes place inside of a hyperbaric chamber. The patient is let inside a large metal enclosure which can either be multi-place or single-place. These special enclosures allow the body to receive more oxygen at a heightened level of atmospheric pressure. The hyperbaric “dive” stimulates the circulatory system to cure air embolism. The infusion of oxygen helps enliven the tissues and cells. The damaged brain cells respond to oxygen supply helping the individual to regain the once lost senses. Hyperbaric medicine is one of the most popular clinical interventions in vogue today.

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