Why should we choose HBOT device as a useful one?


A useful tool or device is going to be obsolete, what it should not be. Yes, we are talking about the hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric chambers are used to treat a lot of impairments and diseases.

The diseases are listed below.

# Gas embolism or gas gangrene

# CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning

# Diabetic foot ulcer

# Decompression sickness

# Hypoxia

# Neurological impairments

# Radiation injury (necrosis of bones and soft tissues)


The working phenomenon of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is very simple and is based on the principle that more pressure can dissolve more gas in a liquid. In case of HBOT, blood plays the role of liquid and oxygen plays the role of gas.

So, what is the difference between oxygen saturation in blood at normal atmospheric pressure and high atmospheric pressure?

In Normal Case of Oxygen Absorption:

oxygen therapy
oxygen therapy

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The oxygen is actually carried by the red Hb (hemoglobin) of RBCs (Red Blood Cells). The healthy RBCs with right amount of Hb can accumulate oxygen with 97% of saturation, and it is under normal atmospheric pressure. Except blood cells, the plasma solution also carries a small amount of oxygen. 100mmHg pressure of arterial oxygen tension and 55mmHg pressure of tissue oxygen tension are seen due to normal oxygen pressure.

In case of HBOT:

100% oxygen with 3ATA enhances the tissue oxygen tension along with the arterial oxygen tension, which are 500mmHg and 2000mmHg respectively. This high oxygen pressure allows to carry 60 ml of oxygen in per liter of blood.

So, the rest parts of body where this connective tissue (blood) with RBCs is obstructed to reach, the oxygen enriched liquid, even without the RBCs, can supply an adequate amount of oxygen there. This happens due to HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). Healing of diabetic foot ulcer by HBOT is an example of this statement.

This oxygen saturation all over the body, also can resolve the infection, caused by the anaerobic bacteria. Gas gangrene can be an ideal example, where HBOT is used to treat gas embolism by using hyperbaric chambers.

Hyperbaric medicine to treat autism:

Hyperbaric Medicine
Hyperbaric Medicine

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Almost we all know what autism is and how vital the situation is becoming, so there is no necessity to elaborate or describe. Autism is purely genetic along with different abnormal clinical parameters.

Apart from that, Cerebral Hypoperfusion occurs due to low amount of blood flow to brain. According to a study, which was conducted by Dr. James Wilcox from Department of Psychiatry at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, hypoperfusion turns into worse condition gradually with age, if it is not treated early.

The data shows that, 86% of children are affected by this hypoperfusion, and children with hypoperfusion show the autistic symptoms at the later stage. So, brain with inadequate amount of oxygen, results in autism, and HBOT with hyperbaric chambers can easily help to overcome this condition because of its high pressure oxygen supply.

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