Treat Autism and their disabilities with HBOT

HBOT for Autism

The simplest way to define autism is to give it the connotation of a “complex developmental disability.” Usually detected within the first three years of a human life, autism is the result of a severe neurological malfunction disabling the person’s communicative and social interactive skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD are developmental disorders which results in abnormality of the individual. Caused due to the brain anomaly, a person with ASD reflects the same autistic behavior of reserved communication and zero sociable skills. Resisting to any change, the individual can develop further complications. People still do not know the exact causes of autism and therefore the treatments also vary as per the individual for example one which is gaining momentum is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Wide spectrum disorder: Autism

By the term wide spectrum, we mean that no two individuals suffering from the disability will display the same problems or behavioral patterns. They can have varying combinations of behavior and these can range from mild to severe ones. Enlisted are some of the behavioral patterns visible in the patient’s disabilities.

  • Social behavioral patterns

An ASD individual would behave differently than other individuals. The communication would not be in sync with others and can seem to be socially clumsy. If the person suffers from severe disability, then he or she would not be interested in the conversation at all. The most common symptom is the inability to make eye contact. They miss out on the cues of communication and can often turn to be a traumatic experience. Proper counseling at least ensures improvement in the eye contact.

  • Unaware of emotions

Individuals with ASD are unaware of the emotions and are unable to understand the feelings of others. They usually lack the ability to empathize and therefore lay oblivious to their surroundings. Frequent reminders often improve the situation but they like staying aloof to the feelings around them. It’s in human nature to talk with oneself, to debate the rights and wrongs and for an autistic it is even more.
The other symptomatic behavioral patterns of an autistic involves avoidance of physical contacts even a handshake. Others prevent areas of loud noises and crowds. Some people need reminders that these noises are can happen and lessen the stress.

  • Speech disabilities

Depending on the severity of the ASD, the person speaking skills are affected. Most repeat what they hear, echolalia and some do not speak at all. The speech is more formal and woody and forced out of the individual. The intonation being flat, they often sound more aged than they actually are.

  • Obsession and Repetitive behavior

The autistic often repeats and is often obsessed with certain things. Vulnerable to the societal pressures, they often become obsessed with an individual or even a thing. They have this set routine and hates partaking in anything else.
Autism doesn’t mean that the individual lacks emotion or do not have the capabilities to do something at all. They have some disabilities which can be lessened with time, practice, support and counseling. Research is going on to find a cure for Autism and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the developing therapies.

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