Portable Hyperbaric Chambers- Offering Soda Lime therapy for High Altitude Problems


The use of  Portable Hyperbaric Chambers has also seeped into the alternative clinics. Today even the spa therapists make use of oxygen therapy for physical and mental rejuvenation. Availability of portable hyperbaric chambers in the market has simplified our lives. A special transportable hyperbaric chamber is being manufactured to resist physical issues arising out of altitude problems; but hold on!! There is just one slight problem with this special portable hyperbaric chamber. You need to take extra care of it to avoid accumulation of carbon dioxide. However experts have come up with a solution.  On application of soda lime at a respiratory circuit actually helps avoid accumulation of CO2. Moreover they found out that pumping can prove to be beneficial in keeping the internal conditions stable. Pumping helps maintain a stable condition for as long as 90 minutes.Portable_Hyperbaric_Chambers

Not only does the operator saves his energy but also derives better value at higher altitudes. High altitude disorder can be safely treated with the help of soda lime and it’s a proven fact.

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