Placental Abnormalities may Lead Autistic Disabilities

We have known about different neurological as well as brain disorders by seeing our friends, relatives, neighbours who have suffered as well as are suffering from different mental retarding diseases.

Sometimes we can know better by self experience, how our over populated society is suffering from different psychiatric disorders.

Autism is one of these brain disorders. Unlike other brain diseases, autism/ ASD is strongly genetic, with discovery of over 100 genetic bio-markers. Not only that, but over 500 genetic variants have been also discovered which are not identical for each autistic patient.

That’s the reason why an identical gene therapy has not been found for the autistic victims.

This is the fact why autism is called as an incurable disorder.

Other Clinical Factors:

The story is not ended here. Apart from genetic issues, some other clinical factors are also involved that enhance this neuropsychiatric disorder.

We can list them out as,

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction, which leads to the formation of abnormal cellular metabolism. Neuronal cells are also a part of our brain which can be transformed to an autistic brain, due to abnormal cellular metabolism.

  • Malfunction in immune defense system is another reason. It occurs as no “oxidative burst” by the immune cells is found in the autistic children as well as adults. Oxidative burst plays a major role in eliminating pathogens and free radicals.

  • The diet with gluten and casein is somehow responsible to prolong the persistence of autistic disabilities, though this assumption is in controversial stage. In few cases of autism, it is found that GF/ CF diet has reduced the autistic symptoms but has no significant phenomenon.

  • Hormonal imbalance is another reason to cause sleep disorder in the autistic children. Oxytocin (love hormone) deficiency with vasopressin not only causes sleep disorder but also stimulates the abnormal social behavior and interaction.

  • The most important among all these parameters is the discovery of “fetal brain attacking antibodies” in the sample taken from mothers’ womb. These antibodies can lead to the transformation of a fetal brain into an autistic brain when the baby is in fetus.

Abnormal Placentation:

The current discovery comes with the relation between autism and pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is basically a disease, and mothers suffer from this during their pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia is nothing but the occurrence of physical as well as biochemical moderation like

  • High B.P

  • More protein excretion by urination

These are the symptoms but the reason is abnormal placentation. Placenta is attached with uterus and the umbilical cord is joined with placenta, which provides the nutrients and oxygen to the baby. Not only that but the waste products are also excreted through placenta.

As the placenta plays a major role in prenatal development in mothers’ womb, so placental deformation with the symptoms of pre-eclampsia must be kept under watch.


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It can also result in neurological disorder like autism due to abnormal prenatal development in the mothers’ womb. So, early precaution with regular check up of mother is needed to get the bright future of the offspring.

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