Peyton Gets a New Ray of Hope with HBOT Therapy

This is the remarkable story of how HBOT therapy gave little Peyton Jane Goecke a chance to survive against all odds and give her best shot at living life to the fullest!

How Was Peyton Born?

Ashley and Andrew had been married for about a year and always wished to live out the perfect family dream. A couple of months went by as they tried hard to start a family. Finally, Ashley managed to conceive and they were eagerly looking forward to having a baby that would complete their lives. This happy thought was unfortunately crushed as Ashley lost their baby in the initial months of her pregnancy. Both of them were devastated and took some time to cope with their tragic loss.

After going through a painful process of healing for a few months, Ashley and Andrew decided to give themselves a second chance. In due course, they were elated to know that Ashley was pregnant and a little bundle of joy was soon going to become an integral part of their family.

This time they took all the necessary precautions that included timely visits to the doctor, regular checkups, etc. Everything was going as per the normal schedule and the ultrasound reports of the growing baby were extremely encouraging. However, the doctors were a wee bit concerned about the breech in the womb, but later convinced the expectant parents that there was enough space for the baby to flip across when the time arose.

A month before the scheduled delivery date, in the early hours of 24th July, 2016, Ashley suddenly woke up with a start as her baby was kicking hard and she felt the urge to visit the bathroom. As she rose from her bed, realisation dawned that her water had broken but she could not feel any sensation or movement from the womb. Andrew instantly realised that the issue had taken a far more serious turn than they had imagined and immediately took her to an ambulatory care facility in the nearby vicinity. The doctor at the facility diagnosed a prolapsed umbilical cord and managed to restore it back into place. Therafter, Ashley was then rushed to the main hospital wherein her doctors had made all requisite arrangements to perform an emergency C section.

In the first three minutes of Ashley reaching the hospital, little Peyton Jane Goecke was ushered into the world but the doctors soon realised that the baby did not show any signs of a heartbeat. The doctors battled hard for the next eight minutes and managed to revive her but little Peyton had already been deprived of precious oxygen for almost forty minutes prior to her birth.

The Suffering of Peyton

Due to this prolonged deprivation of oxygen, the doctors suspected that Peyton had suffered major brain damage and she was immediately shifted to a children’s medical facility that specialized in advanced treatment options. Peyton was given a healing treatment on a cooling bed for almost seventy two hours after which a series of MRI scans were advised. The results were not encouraging as the medical experts confirmed to the distraught parents that Peyton had indeed suffered severe damage to her brain. They also suggested that her chances of survival were very bleak and that her cognitive abilities, such as speech, motoring skills, etc would be impaired for life.

Ashley and Andrew never lost hope and kept their efforts going till Peyton showed slow signs of recovery. As the baby grew stronger, they got her back home after a gruelling period of sixty five days. Soon, Andrew learnt about the positive effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT Therapy from a few associates and wanted to immediately try it out as a treatment option for Peyton.

Peyton Was Given HBOT Treatment

Thus began Peyton’s road to recovery as she was introduced to her initial sessions of HBOT Therapy in November, 2016. The parents were amazed to see that Peyton displayed a positive change in behavior and temperament after the initial forty sessions were administered. Her cognitive abilities slowly improved and the parents were encouraged to administer a second round of HBOT Therapy on Peyton in February, 2017.

How HBOT Benefited Peyton?

After undergoing the second leg of therapy, Peyton started displaying remarkable changes in her her persona and is now able to point at objects, make specific sounds that indicate her excitement levels and is an extremely happy child with improved motoring abilities.

These signs of remarkable recovery in little Peyton has been clearly attributed to the HBOT Therapy sessions that she experienced. Today, both Ashley and Andrew have a renewed sense of hope that regular sessions of HBOT therapy will go a long way in enhancing the quality of Peyton’s life in the years to come!

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