Oxygen Therapy Revived Brain Functioning of Toddler Eden

HBOT treated toddler

Oxygen therapy miraculously saved a 2-year-old child who almost drowned in a swimming pool at her home.
There are numerous other success stories related to hyperbaric therapy that involves breathing pure oxygen. The process is known to have a healing effect on many other ailments such as autism, cerebral palsy, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury, etc.

Let’s see what is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What Is HBOT Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a process that involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Normally, red blood cells transport oxygen in our body. However, during HBOT therapy, oxygen dissolves in body fluids such as lymph, plasma, bone, and fluids of the central nervous system. When this happens, oxygen is easily transported to areas with low and diminished blood flow.

Think of HBOT process like this – when you buy a soda bottle, you don’t see any CO2 bubbles. This is because when these bubbles are in a pressurized bottle, they decrease in size to dissolve in liquid. However, as soon as you open the bottle, the pressure is released, and bubbles can be seen as they increase in size. Oxygen therapy works in a similar way and delivers a healing effect by transporting oxygen to inflamed and damaged tissues.

Eden Carlson’s Story

In February 2016, Eden’s mother was calmly showering as she was of the opinion that the child is playing with her other siblings. However, Eden escaped her baby gate and went straight to the pool in her house.

Eden’s mother, unaware of the situation, found the baby after she was already struggling in the water for around 10 minutes. Her heartbeat had stopped, and doctors had no hope of her surviving, but she did.

However, although Eden survived the accident, she was left with severe brain damage. This directly meant that she would not be able to walk, eat, talk, or react. It was hard for Eden’s parents to accept the fact that their daughter will not be able to do nearly anything on her own. So, they started looking for alternative therapy and treatment options.

After some time, they came across hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and Eden started receiving 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber for 5 days in a week. Somewhere around May 2016, Eden started moving her arms, eyes, and hands. She started speaking and climbing stairs on her own. Though her recovery was gradual and slow, her condition was drastically improving.

Eden’s doctor also explained that this change was possible because Eden was a growing child. The long-term damage of tissues or tissue degeneration had not happened. So, when oxygen was delivered to these damaged tissues, healing became possible.

Eden’s parents are so happy and they believe that in a matter of few years, it will be like the accident never happened.

The Final Word

Although Eden’s story is one of its kind, hyperbaric therapy has numerous success cases in healing various other ailments. And just like Eden’s mother believe that if this therapy can miraculously save her child, it can also help other people who are suffering from brain injuries.

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