Make the Right Move to Parent Your Autistic Child

HBOT for Autism

A simple statement like good parenting drastically lessens the impacts of autism even without the help of medical assistance. This statement can definitely come as a shock for many parents who swear by the medical treatments their doctors have provided for their autistic child but good parenting does work wonders for your toddler. Let us put some facts to justify the above statement for people to get convinced that the statement stands true even in the contemporary times where medical science has progressed and advanced tremendously.

  • Autism acceptance works just fine for the child after realizing that their parents accept them even with their share of quirkiness. Autism is not abnormal, it is just a different way of living that requires patience and lot of understanding. If they get the proper acceptance that any regular child gets then that works amazingly for them to understand the difference in their way of life from the others and how they can change it.
  • We often talk about the right guidance but rather than just stating this it is important to also show parents the ways in which they can be guided to train their child the right way. The way an autistic person works is much different from the way we work or the way our brain functions. Hence, a simple instruction needs to be told to us just once or twice but to ensure that people suffering from this neurological disorder follow the instructions, it needs to be constantly hammered in their brain for it to finally get registered as to what we expect them to do. But the repeated instructions should not have an underlying tone of irritation or even anger, the flow of giving the instructions innumerable times should be as normal as the way you said it the first time. This habit of keeping the tone normal and not giving in to your anger allows your child to follow it rather than panicking thinking that his parents are angry which might lead to them messing up and getting all the more scared and losing confidence on themselves.
  • It is always an advantage to have your extended family surrounding your child all the time with understanding them and accepting their quirkiness whole-heartedly. Spreading good vibes and an air of positivity helps your child to improve his current condition. Family members and cousins create the mood of fun and merry-making which in turn helps your child to relax and be himself. Once the child realizes that he is accepted just the way he is, it helps him gain confidence about himself. So the right support from the extended family is a must but not many people openly accept these kids the way they are which creates a problem.
  • It is important that you change some of the basic ways of his life and also teach him the basic social etiquettes and communication but it should not come across as you are imposing all this on him. It should come across as a very smooth and simple transition, care should be taken that your child does not realize that you are trying to change them because they are extremely sensitive and would end up getting hurt. So change them but it should be a gradual process without them realizing it.

These are some of the basic habits that parents can follow to give their autistic child a normal lifestyle and in the process eventually change them as well without taking the medical route.

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