Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Effective in Healing Burn Wounds


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT therapy has come out as a boon in the world of medicine. In its effectiveness, it is second to none. From arthritis and diabetes to multiple sclerosis and autism – HBOT therapy has been able to make patients recuperate from an array of ailments and improve critical conditions. In addition to this, it also has a major role to play in healing burn injuries.

HBOT therapy improves the rate of healing of wounds in a person who has suffered severe burns throughout his body. However, it should be remembered that this therapy is effective only in cases of first-degree and second-degree thermal burns. In these two types of thermal burns, only the tissues of the skin get affected. With the introduction of oxygen inside the chamber, the healing mechanism of the skin takes a faster pace. But in cases of third-degree thermal burns, it is not just the skin which gets affected. Along with the skin, the muscles and even the bones get heavily damaged. HBOT therapy can not work to its full effect in these critical internal situations of the body.

A normal HBOT therapy session for a patient with burn wounds lasts between 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The duration of stay inside the chamber depends on the severity of the wounds. While the patient is inside the chamber, he is exposed to 100% oxygen. As a result, the pressure of air inside the chamber becomes two or three times greater than the normal atmospheric pressure. The white blood cells (WBCs) of the body get activated as they start receiving a higher supply of oxygen, and thus a faster healing process gets initiated.

The procedure is extremely easy. If you are affected with first-degree sunburns, visit a clinic which offers this therapy. Only a couple of sessions will be enough to cure your skin. In case of a more severe burn caused by fire or any such object, you will have to consult a physician. He’ll decide on the frequency of your visits. It should also be noted that HBOT therapy, except in healing minor first-degree burns, can never be a stand-alone treatment method for burn wounds. The patient should also undergo methods to get stabilized, maintain hydration and avoid infections.

HBOT therapy, after all, speeds up the process of recovery from burn wounds. Although the patient needs to be treated with other treatments, but HBOT therapy ensures that the burn wounds of the patient are healed in no time.

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