Hyperbaric Oxygen helping Treating Lyme Disease

HBOT for Autism

Lyme disease is an infection spread by ticks. This infectious illness tends to attack the muscles, tissues and the nervous system and has the potency to trigger cardiac problems along with pain in joints and muscles. On being affected with Lyme disease abnormalities in the nervous system may arise, in fact malfunctioning of the immune system becomes common. Today with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers doctors are able to administer oxygen therapy to those suffering from it.Hyperbaric oxygen chmabers

Aggressive anti-biotic therapy can be of help if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage; however individuals sometimes fail to respond to such aggressive treatment. In most cases the condition may show up other symptoms that are quite different from the usual ones; which is why doctors fail to diagnose the syndrome. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy acts as a ray of light for individuals who fall prey to this infectious disease.

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