How Hyperbaric Therapy Boosts the Energy Level of the Athletes


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has come as a blessing to the athletes and sport persons. This therapy has been made easily available to them with help of the portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Their demand is steadily on the rise because the athletes want to stay fit and healthy. Infact now sportsmen have started to use it so widely that they are turning the use of HBOT chambers into a trend. The portable chambers come with a set that has a foldable, zip up chamber and a generator attached to it which pumps unadulterated oxygen into it.

This therapy helps to increase the capacity of blood cells and plasma to supply more oxygen to the tissue and cells of the body. This in turns works as a fuel to accelerate the healing process and repairs the ruptures or tears and helps restore the body to a balanced state of health. After receiving some sessions of this therapy, it is found that the muscles get repaired and the brain starts to function better. It is also known that many athletes use the chamber as an alternative to blood replacement and altitude training.

The assistance of this therapy is sought by the cyclists to train themselves at higher altitude where there is a scarcity of oxygen which makes the body feel that it has more than sufficient at regular elevations. It helps to augment the capacity of the cyclist’s lung by simply increasing the red blood cells capacity to conduct more oxygen. Some other athletes go to the level of getting some amount of blood taken out of their body and they continue their training with this deficiency of blood and oxygen and get their blood back into their body only before a game or race. Although various drugs are available that can help blood overcome the deficiency of oxygen, but their usage has been banned and hence, hyperbaric therapy facilitated by the hyperbaric chambers is their last resort for the athletic training.

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