Down Memory Lane About Hyperbaric Chambers


The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is of great help for people spread across the world. We know that it forms a critical instrument in case of medical treatments for certain kinds of health problems and even injuries. But there are not many people who know beyond the benefits it has when it comes to healing and curing patients. So it is time for me to throw in some light on the advent of hyperbaric chambers, how it came into existence and how it has been upgraded to cater to a larger number of health issues. So let us have an overview idea about all these.

What Is The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a procedure which allows patients to breathe in 100% oxygen under an increased atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure is customized to an increased level so that breathing in 100% oxygen has a greater impact on the health of the patient and thereby improving their condition tremendously. It is a closed chamber and there is a stipulated time prescribed by doctors when the patient needs to slip inside the chamber and breathe normally.

A Jump Back To A Couple Of Centuries Ago

The earliest you can trace back to knowing when the hyperbaric chamber was first used is during the 1600s and the first chamber designed was by Henshaw a British clergyman. The structure that he built was defined as ‘domicilium’ and it was used to take care of a multitude of diseases. As far as customizing the atmospheric pressure was concerned, it was done by keeping the chamber pressurized with air. This idea did not just get restricted among the British but the concept of curing patients under the influence of increased pressure was also followed by the French surgeon Fontaine in 1879 when he went on to build a mobile operating room under the same pressure used in the hyperbaric chambers.

How Has It Been So Effective In Curing Patients

Under normal circumstances, a patient gets inside the chamber and breathe in 100% pure oxygen which in turn helps to saturate the hemoglobin and the blood gets hyperoxegenated by dissolving the oxygen within the plasma. There are two basic chambers that helps tremendously to cure wounds or to treat injuries, it also helps in cases of patients who are in ventilation or under critical care.

The Two Kinds Of Chambers

There are broadly two kinds of chambers used in hyperbaric treatments. The multiplace chamber and the monoplace chamber. Both these chambers are well-equipped to take care of all kinds of patients.

  • As the name suggests, multiplace chamber caters to a number of patients to be treated at the same time. This is done with a constant guidance from the nurse who scrutinizes the patients.
  • For the monoplace chamber it usually handles one patient at a time and that too in a reclining position. The nurses there for assistance usually stay outside the chamber but have their eyes on the patient’s condition throughout.

The above information is of great help but unfortunately not many people are aware about all these facts. Hope this blog will make for an interesting read and stuff you with all the information that you need.

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