Curing Autism With HBOT Therapy – A Case Study

A Case Study

Subject: Curing Autism With HBOT Therapy

George completed 40 HBOT outpatient treatments at 1.3 atmospheres for the first five treatments and then moved up to 1.5 atmospheres for the last 35 treatments.

His improvements are in the areas of:

  • language (pragmatics)
  • social skills
  • It appears he is mastering and acquisitioning in his ABA program much more and much faster than ever before. (They are on theory of mind and advanced skills with curriculum helpers for abstract/new concepts at school.)
  • In addition, his abstract concepts are really picking up (for example: If I say, “George — tell me a story,”  he responds with a full on story; 5-10 sentences long with a start “Once upon a time…” and keeps going!)
  • Overall health has improved as well in his complexion and his body functions (stooling everyday that look more normal than before).

A Word Of Caution For Children Who Are Not Good Candidates For HBOT Therapy –

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBO Therapy is a medical procedure. It is recommended that your doctor evaluate the treatment based on the unique needs of the patient, your child, to make a recommendation. HBOT treatment REQUIRES A DOCTORS PRESCRIPTION and should be evaluated uniquely based on a child’s needs and potential issues.

Some doctors do NOT recommend HBOT for children with the following issues:

  • Central nervous system birth trauma (severe). Some children with cerebral palsy, stroke or other birth traumas can greatly benefit from HBOT. This needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Seizures (some variations may be fine for HBOT treatments. This needs to be discussed with your doctor.)
  • Children with a severe sinus infections or cold should not do hyperbaric oxygen therapy until these symptoms subside. If sinus issues are chronic this needs to be discussed with your doctor.

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