Cause a Boost to Your Immune System by Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT for Autism

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the latest addition to the list of boons, yielded by the unprecedented advancement in the field of medical science. The inception of this treatment procedure has pointed a new direction in the treatment of many incurable and life-threatening health problems including cardiac problems, strokes and digestive ailments. The administration of this therapy necessitates the placement of the whole body of the patient inside the hyperbaric chamber where he is exposed to an oxygen-rich environment at a pressure that is considerably higher than the normal barometric pressure. This exposure to the highly oxygenated environment improves even various fatal health problems which is made possible by causing a boost to our immune system.

The exposure of the body to the oxygen-saturated environment for an hour helps to increase the number of white cells. This therapy works on the law of physics that states that when a good amount of pressure is exerted on oxygen, then a greater amount of oxygen will get dissolved in the blood plasma that will make the healing process faster. That is why this therapy is renders a useful service in the case of patients who have suffered major burn injury.

This therapeutic procedure helps to heal injuries and bruises within a considerably short period. This is because, right after undergoing this therapy when the body is saturated with oxygen, it produces red blood cells in bigger amount, which has a vital role to play to produce oxygen in our body. Hence, this therapy equips our body to protect itself from pernicious attacks by various germs and viruses by strengthening our immune system. The excess of oxygen that is absorbed in our body during the therapy, reaches to the cells, tissues and bones faster and adds extra force to our body’s battle against infections. When the production of white cell in the body stops due to some reason, then availing the service of this therapy becomes mandatory.

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